Healthy 100 Tips for a Healthy You

coconut yogurt with fruits and seeds


Good choices transform you into a better person. One of these choices I made five years ago was to start a detox program. I removed certain foods from my daily diet for five weeks and I felt wonderful. I thought I did not suffer any ailment, and what a surprise! I started feeling tons of energy flowing in my body, no more colitis and no more headaches. This is how my journey began. It was just the beginning but later…… I was digging into every single detail of a good nutrition. I looked everywhere! Every single corner, every blind street and finally after many books, documentaries, courses, trips, interesting people, victims of bad choices or environmental issues, I GOT IT!

You just need some creativity, a splash of color with paprika, good decisions and a positive attitude.

Get your heads on, take some notes and open your mind with passion to learn new things every day. Here you will find tips for a healthier you and wonderful recipes that will inspire you to create your own healthy lifestyle.

I will accompany you on your everyday meals through this blog with creative ideas, but at the same time practical to start eating in a healthy way. I will teach and guide you in this adventure with the wonderful foods we find in nature.

My strongest motivation was my grandmother, as I did not want to become “friends” with naughty diabetes. I urged her to change her habits, but instead she said “I prefer my ice cream than healthy mind and a good memory”. Frankly, I prefer to age gracefuly, full of energy, creativity and a sharp memory.

Definitively, everything is about choices. We go around life without taking into account what we are feeding our body.Our body is a gift and we should take care of it, as it deserves it.

Is time to start loving ourselves, to value our body as one of our precious treasures; to be aware of every decision we make and to allow our own body to start healing itself.

Create healthy habits, not restrictions!

A great way to start correctly, is to go on a detox program. When you finally detox yourself from years of bad habits and excesses, things will flow easier and all nutrients will be absorbed better.