First time in my life doing Pilates and I am totally in to it! It is my second month practicing it and loving every part of it.

Today the teacher said ” control your leg, don’t let your leg control you”. Very profound if you think beyond a simple exercise… it is about controlling your body, using your mind and every muscle you have.

I had no idea what strengthen your core meant, until Pilates! Just noticed I have been doing abs the wrong way my whole life, You should not have an arch in your back when doing abs, maybe that’s why I used to have pain in my back. When you strengthen your core you use every muscle from your gluteus and back, deep muscles you usually never exercise, they support your spine and act as a natural corset and that is exactly what I need right now, as I have a very weak lower back because I was rebellious when I was told to seat up straight. Like it or not you will need to start doing pilates exercises so you will not have future “age” 😮 problems.

ab pilates

Doing the roll up I am more conscious of every part of my body, I can feel every vertebra one by one when rolling up and down.

Pilates is certainly a balance between the body and the mind. Your learn to listen your body and get more conscious of every movement and how to control it. As you are totally focused in every movement practically you are doing therapy at the same time, your mind is completely relaxed, free of troubles and day a day issues.

You can start getting your pilates kit here

or a pilates ring, the class I did today 😉


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21 Day Detox Challenge


Here you will find easy tips to detox your body, but in this book you will find much more details, since I followed this book my health changed. I feel with lots of energy!

Start 2016 the right way ! For 21 days creating healthy habits! #day1 #detox2016 #detox #healthy #vegan #vegetarian #paleo #fit #fitness #diet #newyearresolution #newyearnewme


Day 2 drink mint tea in the morning and before going to bed.
It helps detox the liver and kidneys.
Mint has the ability to improve digestion, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, relax the body and mind, aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system 💪
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Healthy milk substitutes: almond, cashew, sunflower seeds,coconut, oats, Brown rice…
Even if you are not lactose intolerant, digesting dairy products places a heavy burden on our body’s detoxification system, so avoid consuming milk, cheese or other dairy products during your detox.
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Mix ingredients an place on the fridge for 2 hours before drinking.
Drink at least 3 glasses a day.
Great antioxidant, cleans your kidneys, helps with bloating & great for your skin.
Best friend of the digestive system 😉
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Great way to have your veggies 😉
Provides antioxidants, chlorophyl,vitamins, minerals.
Helps in weight loss, alkalizes your body, clears your mind, reduce cravings and gives you lots of energy 💪
Use kale, roman, lettuce, cucumber, lemon …have some spice and sweets with Apple/carrot and ginger.
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Tips for a healthy lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle it’s not just eating the right things, it’s a bit more complex than that.

A healthy lifestyle it the sum of eating healthy, having positive thoughts, be constantly learning and exercise.


Try doing some changes little by little; until those changes become your daily habits and you’ll start functioning on automatic, no need to think twice on doing a sacrifice… at the end you will enjoy every part of it.


Eating Healthy


Add some Green juices to your daily routine, I know you are not having the right amount of greens you need by the end of the day, so the easiest way is just dumping some greens like lettuce, kale and cucumber to the blender, to give some color and flavor add carrots or beets and for a final touch squeeze 1 or 2 lemons to your juice.

Skip refined carbohydrates as they don’t contribute to your health, 0 nutrients, what a waste of time, ughhh, all that chewing for what!? Totally not worth it.

Keep it down with the sugar; the key is everything in balance. When buying products read the label and don’t buy them if they have 10gr or more of refined sugar.


Positive Thoughts

positive thoughts

Everything resumes in what is your focus, as they say “where the mind goes, the body will follow” try using your time and energy on positive things, read celeb phrases, smile, or as Julie Andrews sings “I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so baaaad”…

At the end positive Thoughts Build Skills, Boost Health And Improve Work

Constantly Learning


“Don’t go through life, grow through life”, never stop learning, every experience, good or bad has a lesson, instead of asking why it happened to me? Ask what can I learn from it?

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious” Albert Einstein.

Every instant you live is an opportunity to learn from someone or something, you’ll see life more fun! Certainly you’ll start your day with another focus, ask questions, be a detective, be observative, be analytical, you’ll learn form things you will never think of.

Did you know that the most successful ideas are inspired by nature? There are great seminars on ted talks on creating innovative technology inspired by nature here

When we think we know it all, our purpose of life is gone, sometimes we need to silence thoughts and let other talk; maybe you can learn from them.




Don’t be lazy, I know sometimes is difficult to start exercising, but once you start everything is much easier.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym a certain day the best thing is to do 20min of exercise at your home, buy a pair of kettle bells and you are all set to have a radical change on your body, doesn’t matter if its just five minutes at least you are creating the habit of moving your body everyday.

On this link you will find amazing exercises and recipes!

Metabolic diet!



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Eating sprouted food is like eating life

Eating sprouted food can add health and happiness to your life. Sprouts are buds of some foods such as cereals, legumes and seeds that have been activated by an ideal environment (water, heat and oxygen), which will consistently rise into a new plant. Sprouted foods have lots of nutrients including enzymes, chlorophyll, amino-acids, minerals, vitamins and trace-elements alive.

Eating sprouted food is like eating life



When you start the germination process in different foods you will get some of the advantages of consuming this kind of meals; a lot of compounds and substances which aim to convert into a source of energy and substrates for the growth of the new plant. These components make the food sprouted much more beneficial to the body; some of them are easy digestion, much more nutritionally rich and increased absorption of nutrients. They are ideal foods for people with weak stomachs, as they allow the body to rest and regenerate itself from many processed foods.


Other properties are:


  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Invigorates the nervous system
  • Lowers cholesterol index
  • Promotes detoxification processes
  • Source of antioxidants that fight against free radicals


The vitamin and mineral content and bioavailability in the body are increased by 200% and 600%. It is important to consume these raw foods as much as possible in salads, stir-fries or as a final ingredient in other meals. This is because when exposed to high temperatures when cooking they loose a lot of nutrients.


Which food can be sprouted?


Foods that sprout are generally cereal grains, legumes and seeds, each one with a different time and method. Among seeds to sprout are rice, barley and wheat, and others. Legumes are generally lentils in the first place, followed by chickpeas, alfalfa, soybeans and other types of beans. As for seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds and almonds germinate easily.


Besides the above-mentioned properties, sprouts are actually used to prevent diseases and treat them if they have been already detected. The use has become a trend for people with healthy lifestyle and seeking new options for healthy eating.

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Maria Antonieta Porras


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Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Diet


Have you ever felt tired in the afternoon? Have you ever thought why this happens?

This mostly happens because our body is acidic and makes us tired; suffer from headaches, bloating and even increases the proliferation of bacteria.

When we eat alkaline foods we feel light, energetic and clearheaded. It can influence our mood positively.

So balance is the secret. We need a correct balance acidity/alkaline (pH) in our blood, tissue and other fluids.

Blood and tissue pH should be 7.3. Saliva and urine pH should be 6.8 to 7.0. You can get pH strips on Amazon in order to test yourself and analyze if you are too acidic and quickly make some changes to feel spectacular.

The theory says that arthritis and osteoporosis are promoted by acid accumulation in the body. Our body is always looking naturally for balance, so if we give our body too many acidic foods our body will start to pull out minerals from bones and organs to get to the ideal pH balance.

Our purpose should be then to take food consciously, knowing which foods are acidic and which are alkaline, and always consuming more alkaline foods.

Based on the study carried out by Professor Jürgen Vormanne, these are some alkaline and acidic foods:

Most alkaline Foods

  • Spinach
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Kiwi
  • Ruccola

Very Acidic Foods

  • Egg, yolk
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Rabbit
  • Pig
  • Corned beef, canned

As a tip, when you are thinking of eating something acidic for your body, try and eat three times more alkaline foods to balance your body’s pH. Or if you want to be more radical, choose alkaline vs. acidic foods. In other words choose health.

Have a complete alkaline diet here

Want recipes for an alkaline diet? download ebook here

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Grocery Shopping for a Healthy Diet

How to do grocery shopping for a healthy diet

grocery shopping for a healthy diet! choose wisley

Going to the supermarket without time and really hungry is the worst mistake.

Let’s get to the supermarket with a grocery list and with a full stomach. In this way we will have a good start to choose the best.

Now, the key question is, “OK, I followed the proper steps and now what do I buy? The first thing you should learn is how to read labels.

  • Try to get products low in sugars, 12 gr or less is ideal.
  • Avoid choosing products with coloring and preservatives. And how do I know? You will see colors on the label like tatrazine (E102), Caramel (E150) , sunset yellow (E110), FD&C 3 and preservatives like BHT,BHA, nitrates and MSG.
  • Choose fresh vegetables; green are excellent to detoxify your body. They are full of vitamins and minerals and have disease fighting benefits, among many other benefits. Examples of green veggies are: Romaine lettuce, parsley and chards.
  • Choose low glycemic index fruits, such as apples, pears, strawberries, blackberries and lemons.
  • If you are buying eggs, be sure you buy free range eggs. I also recommend not eating more than 4 eggs per week, because of their acidic effect in our bodies.
  • If you are buying milk, you better choose goat milk, as goat milk molecules are easier to digest.
  • Choose whole grains, as these have all their nutrients intact, such as brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat.
  • Preferably buy organic beans. Beans contribute with fiber and proteins to your body. Mungo beans, lentils and adzuki beans are good options.

grains and beans, nutritious choice!

  • All type of seeds and nuts are practical as snacks. Try almonds, macadamia or Australian nuts, cashews, linseeds and sunflower seeds. You can also add dried fruits.
  • For healthy shakes, it is always helpful to have oats, linseeds and hemp seeds.

So go prepared to do grocery shopping! All amunitions and ready to go! Choose wisley!

Eating for energy click here

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Raw food benefits and Recipe



 recipe raw vegan sushi


Raw food benefits and Recipe


You can incorporate raw food to your daily diet as an excellent choice for your health. I started to add them five years ago and every time getting more in love with that idea. As is simple, fast and super healthy.

Here are some great benefits:


-Fast: When you arrange a breakfast it can be as easy and fast as a smoothie (fruits and vegetable all together), a lunch could be a salad with guacamole or hummus. For dinner you can choose a sushi recipe you´ll see below.



-Enzymes: Everything cooked at more than 120 degrees destroys all the enzymes… and what are enzymes for?


  1. Digestion and absorption
  2. Boost the immune system
  3. Reduce bloating


-Vitamins and Minerals: Try to add rainbow colors into your plate; each color brings different vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E) are essential vitamins as they protect your cells from damaging, preventing any illness. You will nurture yourself and will not have the anxiety to eat at all times.


The ideal is to eat more than 50% of your food raw.

You can start with amazing raw plates that will inspire you to make more raw food and off course give more enzymes to your marvelous body.

Click here for more quick and easy fat burning recipes

Raw vegan sushi recipe :


  • 2 parsnip
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 avocado
  • Coconut meat as ¨fish¨
  • 1 nori seaweed sheet
  • Sesame seeds as decoration

raw vegan sushi making



– Place parsnip in a food processor, almost same size as rice.

– Place the parsnip on the nori sheet with wet fingers.

– Place on top the rest of the ingredients and start rolling!

– Serve with sesame seeds on top and add soy sauce.






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